• Deirdre Brandner

What to say to your child about the Bushfire Crisis

  • Most of the time the world is safe place, but scary things can happen

  • Watching and hearing about the Bushfires can make you feel sad and scared for yourself and others

  • It’s okay to have these feelings, adults also have these feelings.

  • Remember that the Bushfires are making the news all over the world because this is bigger than usual and doesn’t happen very often

  • There are lots of very sad and frightening photos and videos but there are also lots of images of good people helping

  • Remember that when awful things happen there are lots of people working very hard to keep people safe, help look after them and work towards rebuilding

  • Bushfires happen in Australia and there are plans and resources to help

  • Make a list as a family of ways you can help

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