• Deirdre Brandner

Stage 4 restrictions with a child in year 12.

To every VCE student, teacher and family my support and thoughts are with you. These are the most extraordinary times but that doesn’t make those feelings of anger, frustration and ultimately, sadness go away.

So what can we be doing and saying to help our Year 12’s.

Acknowledge their feelings, let them feel angry and disappointed BUT

don’t let these feelings dictate every action or thought process of the day.

We need you to provide practical support, not an emotional punching bag or 24-hour servant duties. Even in chaos and stress we still need boundaries and respect.

Help them focus on systems, not goals, scores or marks. Ask them what you can do help them set up good systems at home.

Even if they are doing zero studies or nowhere near the amount of study you think they should be doing...Do Not Comment. Those rhetorical questions “another study break?” or “don’t you think should be working", are going to result in resentment and guilt.

Your intentions as a parent are always good, but in stage 4 restrictions, there is an increased sense of weariness, irritability and hopelessness. It is no longer “we’ve got this”….it’s more like “when will this be over”.

Your teens are going to be more sensitive and perhaps crankier. You too will be be feeling stressed and over burdened.

They miss their friends and even believe it or not their teachers. So make sure they are communicating with both.

Ensure they are taking frequent breaks, it is about a balance. The brain fatigues quicker during online learning

Focus on what we know is certain: The GAT will be early next term, Exams dates won't change and they will get your ATAR before the end of 2020

Most importantly, make well-being a more than ever.

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