• Deirdre Brandner

Parents with a Year 12 student

Tips for Parents

Keep this year in perspective

If your child is your first to commence Year 12 you may feel that you have a difficult year attend. This does not have to be the case. This year is going to be full of many positives for you and your family. You cannot let your angst about this year translate to your child, nor can you convince yourself you have nothing to worry about if you see them studying.

Communicate: Try to listen not lecture

There will be enough teachers and tutors making demands of your child this year. The manner in which you communicate with them is crucial. Do not nag…even if your are right. They may not want to take advice from you immediately, drop gentle suggestions. How we deliver recommendations is crucial to them being heard and actioned.

Give positive feedback on effort and application

Do not focus on the results but the work they have done or the study schedule they followed. If we focus on the outcomes and what done to complete tasks or study they may be less inclined to share their results for fear of criticism. How we support them to engage in learning is going to have the best outcome overall.

Recognise their stress and assist them to manage negative talk

Some students will experience anxiety and self doubt this year. It is important to help them identify their anxious thinking and assist them to address these thoughts with more logical balanced thinking. Helping your child to implement relaxation strategies and activities is very beneficial. Check up on whether they are getting the right amount of sleep and are maintaining good eating habits, anxiety loves fatigue and poor concentration thrives on an empty stomach. Remember you are gently suggesting not demanding. Try to work together with your child to solve problems and help them develop a plan when things go wrong or they are not coping

Be supportive but not indulgent

Your child needs a balance environment this year. Your household need to continue to exist. It is important that you show an interest in their study, and provide them with the assistance they need and the resources required. They are many times you will need to be there for them to support them ensure the household continues to run as normal.

Tips for Students

Be organised: use time wisely

If you have a free lesson at school use it, use a study planner/timetable; weekly , term etc, work smarter not harder.

Have realistic expectations for yourself

This is about fulfilling your potential not comparing yourself to others, reasonable goals are more achievable & will keep you motivated.

Good study habits get results

There are no shortcuts, have to do work to get a result, listen in class, make links to what you already know, be prepared.

Balance is the key : study, sleep, diet and fun

Sleep is crucial for retaining and retrieving knowledge, good nutrition and exercise will keep you healthy, you need to ensure that you have a balance between study and seeing friends, work.

Manage stress: have effective strategies that help you when you're overwhelmed. Managing anxiety will get better results, talk to parents, teachers or counsellors at school if you are not coping.

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