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My child misses their friends in lock down - helping children understand their feelings.

Updated: May 5, 2020

Many children, and adults are struggling with the loss of connection with friends.

Some children are able to express their feelings easily but others but react by behaving differently. They may be more cranky and irritable or more withdrawn and moody. You may see an increase in meltdowns or tantrums….remember how emotional we are all feeling at this time. Some children are unable to articulate these thoughts and feelings.

For younger children or those with Autism Spectrum Disorder the following social story may help.

You can use this as an outline and you can attach to your own photos, or pictures and read this regularly with your child.

I Miss My Friends at School

My friends and I are not going to school because some people are getting sick

It is better for everyone if we stay at home.

I might not get to see my friends for a while. I will miss them.

Even though I can’t play with some of my friends, I can still talk to them.

I could call them on the phone, FaceTime with them, or use other apps to send messages to them. I can ask my mum or dad to help me contact my friend.

All of my friends have to stay at their homes.

While we wait to see each other again, we can play with our toys and have fun at home.

I can be with my family. I might play games, do puzzles, or watch movies.

When I go outside, I might see some of the kids in my neighbourhood.

I can wave and say “hi.”

I cant be too close to others, give high 5s, or give hugs. I could ride my bike or take a walk outside.

When it is safe for everyone we can go to back to school,

I will be so happy to see my friends again and they will be happy to see me!

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