• Deirdre Brandner

Managing the COVID-19 Restriction Rollercoaster

As parents we cannot help but feel exasperated, despairing and anxious about the ever-changing landscape of COVID-19 in Australia, and particularly Victoria. Our emotions may sway from fear to apathy as we navigate the continual changes that unfold on a daily cycle. Psychologists will always say that we cope better when we know what is going to happen...well at the moment we don’t know necessarily what will happen….so what are we meant to do and what do we say to our children?

Here are some questions you may be fielding at your house.

  • Why can’t I ride over to Luke’s house?

  • You said we could go out?

  • When is this going to be over?

These may also be questions you’re asking yourself. Responding with “I don’t know”, whilst truthful, may not cut it. Remember how children cope with new rules and changes that result in disappointment and anxiety depends on what we as adults are saying and doing.

  • Think about the comments you are making about the new changes, little ears are listening

  • Focus on facts not rumours; The rules are in place to keep us all safe.

  • Use reliable sources for information: Don’t let your children use social media as a news source

  • Attend to what information we do have: “There has been an increase of cases so we need to keep washing our hands and maintaining social distancing

  • Use examples of places overseas where life has begun to return to ‘normal’ after a long time in lock down

  • Try to deflect your children from buying into the “us” and “them” thinking, this is unhelpful and will only promote anger and resentment.

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