• Deirdre Brandner

How do I explain racism to my child?

Children will undoubtedly ask lots of questions about what is going on in the world around them. Parents who can listen carefully to those questions, and answer in an age-appropriate way will give their children real information that will help them understand better what's happening around them

  • Let the child’s age and level of development guide you

  • We need to give children and understanding of racism so that we can explain the protesting and emotions being experienced

  • It’s important to talk about racism in terms of how it is not fair to treat anyone differently

  • Explain what a protest is and that there are different ways to protest. Protesting is how some people choose to show that what is going on is unfair

  • If we don’t have that conversations about what is happening in our world, we are in danger of leaving their children with confusion and anxieties they don't know how to process.

  • Parents can ask their older children whether they’ve seen anything online about the riots and protests, what they think, and what about it was upsetting or inspiring

  • Children are very tuned into fairness and what’s right and wrong, so basing this discussion around what’s fair and unfair can help them understand

  • Conversations about these topics should not only focus on the negative experiences involving race

  • Above and beyond just talking about racial identities and discrimination modelling anti-racism is an important step for parents to take.

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