• Deirdre Brandner

Homeschooling when your child can't read.

Let face it there is zero possibility of independent remote learning when you’re child is only developing literacy skills.

As Prep teacher from another time in my life, you need to understand that the same challenges occur in the classroom.

Do not panic about you having to teach them to read. Use this time to continue to connect to literacy in some form. Look at the tasks that your child’s school for the day: Choose 2 or 3 that your child can access with your support. This means reading a book, looking at letters, using flashcards, sticker books. Our whole day is surrounding by literacy opportunities and linking recognition of letters, beginning sounds and simple words . A five minute game or puzzle can be just as effective as a classroom lesson during this time.

Use resources that have Audio Instructions.!/resources have the most practical options and are Australian based.

You need to be prepared for the rest of the day. If you want to avoid everything in your house being tipped out by the end of the day. I suggest using the colour tub method. Here are some suggestions

Coloured Tubs:

Start by finding yourself 4 different coloured tubs, you can mark plain coloured tubs with a texta as a alternative. The child gets to use only the items in that tub until the timer finishes.

Provide a reward if they stay on task, and an extra one if they pack it up.

What’s in the tub?

  • Make sure there’s a balance of play options.

  • Some creative some open ended.

  • If you need this to be independent play then don’t have things in there they need your help

  • Puzzles

  • Old toys you had hidden

  • Play doh

  • Board games

  • Craft ideas; Make them independent

  • Small amounts of Lego

Use a chart to managed the day:

  • Breakfast

  • 2 School activities - with support

  • Reading Eggs -

  • Watch an Online Story - done independently

  • Draw the best part of the story that was read earlier - done independently

  • Maths Activity - sort Lego, rocks, toys into groups by size or colour - done independently

  • Lego Time - done independently

  • Snack Recess

  • Play with things in the Blue Box until the timer goes

  • Cooking Activity

  • Art Activity:

  • Have your child film a story using their puppet or alternatively stuff toys

  • Lunch

  • Physical Activity

  • Outside time. Let them take photos and tell you something interesting about each one.

  • Movie time

  • Story time online : Either an audio or video.

  • Play with things in the Red Box until the timer goes

  • Play with things in the Yellow Box until the timer goes


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