Do I require a referral?

You do not require a referral to see Deirdre Brandner.

Can sessions be claimed under Medicare or Private Health Insurance?

A Mental Health Care Plan can be organised by your GP, Paeditrician or Psychiatrist, if your medical practioner agress with the need for an individual to receive psychological treatment by a registed psychologist. Under the Mental Health Care Plan, up to 10 sessions are available per calender year. Such a referral will allow you to claim rebates through Medicare, which will make up a portion of the fee. Please contact your doctor, visit www.health.gov.au or call Medicare Australia on 132 011 for further information. Your private health insurance may cover some psychological services. Please contact your private health insurer for further information.

How long are sessions?

Counselling sessions are 50 minutes, including time for parent feedback if necessary. Assessment sessions are dependent on which test is being adminstered, this will be explained when making your appointment.

Does Deirdre offer school consultation?

Deirdre is able to offer school observations, consultation and planning sessions with staff at the preschool, primary and secondary educational settings. For more information on this service please email admin@deirdrebrandner.com.au.

What should I tell my child, prior to their first session with Deirdre?

Explain that they are going to be meeting with Deirdre and take part in some activities, play some games and talk about what is happening for them at the moment at school and at home.

Should I come to the initial session without my child?

If you have concerns about your child, but are unsure what they might need, we recommend booking a parent consultation session with Deirdre. She will look at all the background information, talk to you about your concerns and give you advice about what the next best steps might be for your child. This sessions will not be rebatable under your child's Mental Health Care Plan. Please note, in standard consultations there will be time to speak to Deirdre independantly.

My preschool child is behind in their development.

As an expert in the field of child development Deirdre can support parents with the many concerns that can arise during a child’s preschool years (for example in the areas of learning, behaviour, mixing with peers, language or motor skills). She offers consultations to parents where she can discuss your concerns and provide support and recommendations. In some cases, this may be all that is necessary. If the issues are more significant, she may offer additional consultation or therapeutic intervention sessions or recommend that further assessment is necessary

I think my child might have dyslexia

If you feel your child needs a dyslexia assessment, you can be assured that Deirdre can provide you with guidance in this areas. She has a wealth of experience working with and diagnosing dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties for many years. During assessments Deirdre will look in detail into how your child is performing in the areas of reading, writing, spelling, as well as investigating if there are any areas of your child's cognitive functioning that might be causing these difficulties (for example, working memory issues). Following this assessment, you (and your child if appropriate) will be provided with feedback and a report that will include detailed recommendations for both home and school. If any further letters or forms are needed for the school or Department of Education, these will of course also be provided. If it is necessary, one to one support in some of the areas of need highlighted in the report. If you are not confident that an assessment is necessary at this time but would like to talk about your concerns with Deirdre you are welcome to book a parent consultation session with us

I think my child might have Autism

Children can experience difficulties in language, behaviour or mixing with their peers for a wide range of reasons. If you are unsure that you want to go ahead with a comprehensive assessment to investigate autism at this time but would like to talk about your concerns with an expert and figure out what to do next, you are welcome to book a parent consultation session with Deirdre

However, if you wish to go ahead with an assessment, Deirdre Brandner Psychologists has many years combined of experience both assessing and working with children on the autism spectrum. Deirdre Autism Assessment protocol follow best practice guidelines and use Gold Standard tools. Assessments are undertaken in partnership with parents, and so we will support and communicate with you every step of the way so that you aware of what’s involved in the process. Following this assessment, you (and your child if appropriate) will be provided with feedback and a report that will include detailed recommendations for both home and school

I think my child might be gifted

For most very able children, it is usually unnecessary to go ahead with an assessment if your child is well adjusted, has friends and is doing well in school. However, if you feel that your child is being negatively impacted due to their high intelligence, for example they are unhappy and bored in school or are having difficulty making friends, there may be benefits to looking for some professional advice and support. Deirdre recommend that you first book a parent consultation with us to discuss your concerns and get some recommendations including where to go next from here.

Does Deirdre provide support services for parents?

Yes. Much of Deirdre's experience and work in this field, comes from directly supporting parents to ensure they have the tools and strategies to assist in the navigation of parental challenges. Common areas that can require parenting support include the following childhoood difficulties. Behaviour, sleep, diet, anger issues, anxiety and toileting.

Areas of Concern

If you need more information please send an email to admin@deirdrebrandner.com.au